Dalvin “Mustafa” Spann


graphix. photograhy. video. web. creative writing. drawing.

Born and raised in Columbia, SC, Dalvin “Mustafa” Spann has been exploring the world of art from an early age. Dalvin’s initial medium of choice was the pencil but he began to dabble in computer animation at the age of nine. Throughout these early years, Dalvin was recognized for his artistic abilities, being nominated to attend the Governor’s School for the Arts and graduating high school with honors in art. He went on to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) graduating with a B.A. in Graphic Design. Dalvin has worked on both local and national design projects and campaigns. Amongst his creative influences are Paul Rand, Gwendolyn Brooks, Alphonse Mucha, El Lissitzky, Herb Lubalin, Georg Olden, Charles White and Tom Feelings.

As a founding member of the artists’ collective Izms of Art (IOA), Dalvin’s utilizes his skills in web design, photography (and his emerging skills in videography) to keep the IOA website fresh and engaging. IOA has participated in exhibitions in the tri-state area, including their initial group exhibition in 2003. Dalvin and fellow IOA members recently had the unique opportunity to be featured artists in the Columbia Museum of Art’s Post Graffiti exhibition, which was attended by a record number of patrons and supporters.

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