Words from Mustafa (from Up & coming book “Something in the Way of Things”)

Haiti 1/21/10 1:30am
Lift up your chiny,
a wise man said,
sin never ends,
sin stays alive,
never losing its focus,
you can try to do the hocus-pocus,
chuck berry,
humpty man,
always ending up with the same story,
gang signs being thrown by the ruling……
riding high in the sky like Knievel,
mixing high science with evil,
you can smell the odor,
from the Twin Towers to the Haitian shore line,
the devil spits a mist,
acid rain falls from the sky,
the harder that it comes,
a shaman in a village beats louder ona drum,
witch doctor in the woods,
strips down to the nude,
eyes rolling back,
chanting to the moon,
moon raising her tide,
showing all her glory,
Wait! hold steady fisher man,
fisher man,
morning sun will arrive,
new sands will reveal

Confessions of the Pigeon Chaser 7/21/09 10:41am
As the birds flock away from the church bells,
the bell stops at ten and my work of evil has been done again,

the cross around my fingers wet from the tear filled prayers,
canʼt stop the infection, the detection of neglect…, of innocence….

a gentle smile,
a nice gift in hand,
a friendly chat within my arms,
does nothing but awaken the devilish charms within me,

as my eyes close,
and my lips quiver,
I canʼt defeat what lies within me,

I close the shutters so light wonʼt come in,
the church bell strikes at ten,
the pigeons race towards the sky again,

the aftermath wears on my weakened soul,
but itʼs not the aftermath that is troubling…

…itʼs the seconds before a peak is released,
itʼs the adrenaline rush right before the peak,
that sees the tears in their eyes,
that feels the uneasiness which causes pain,
the sad stares that think this is the only way to love,
the many eyes,
the many cries,
the stained linens,
the burning of sheets,
canʼt overcome the compulsion…
to fulfill a sick desire,
or cause it to expire,

as the pigeons flock away,
one lies on the church steeple,
with blood shot eyes,
that frame the horrors it has seen
as the church bell rings….

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