Words and writing: The Puzzle Maker

From the up and coming book: Something in the Way of  Things




The Puzzle Maker 11:31 pm 7-5-09

Under a dim light, in the midst of the night,

lies the puzzle maker busy at his job.

Patiently crafting and cutting away at the perfect puzzle.

One that he, the creator, will be unable to solve.

As he shapes the perfect mind game,

he is nothing without the puzzle player.

And as the puzzle player decodes each puzzle,

it only leads to the puzzle maker creating more complex ways to engulf the puzzle player.

The puzzle player is convince that he can’t be challenge without the steady craftsmanship of the puzzle maker.

As the puzzle maker remains in darkness, each purchase by the puzzle player

bring light into the puzzle maker’s world of shadows.

written by Mustafa


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